Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

Fontana (San Bernardino County), California Big Foot Rampages through old Fontana Drag Strip area

A short-order cook who lived in the Fontana area since the 1940s, said over the years friends of his shared stories about the "Speedway Monster." He couldn't elaborate but said "some old-timers" (I'm In there somewhere) told him that back in 1951-52, a crowd of fans at the Fontana Speedway saw, at a distance, what seemed to be a hairy, two-legged giant criss-cross an open field. The criss-crossing creature appeared in the same area "quite a few times" in the early 1950s the 60's 70's and even the 80's. Despite repeated sightings of the Speedway Monster during all of these decades, no one apparently ever got close enough to identify it clearly.

In 1991, on several successive nights the John Davis family heard "something heavy on two legs" run across their chicken yard. "The footfalls were so heavy-sounding the house shook," said Mrs. Davis. Mr. Davis found several of his chickens completely flattened one morning, " if something played hopscotch on those birds." The Davis' youngest son glimpsed what he described as a "real big, gray-colored ape." A section of fencing was pulled up and pet dogs howled and cowered indoors at night. The Davis home is the home you see as you travel north on Summit Ave and is located at the base of the foothills of Lytle Creek.

Also in 1992, on Foothill and areas to the east, several reports came in from a couple of families traveling on Foothill about a family of Big Foots crossing over the tracks that crossed over Foothill down where Ace Hardware is located.

But once the drag strip was closed after a particular nasty accident which resulted in the beheading of the driver involved, reports of Bigfoot activity in Fontana also stopped

But, as it turns out, there are plenty of other Bigfoot sightings in Southern California. In fact, according to Bobbie Short, webmaster of the Bigfoot site, the first ever sightings of Sasquatch were here.

"Sasquatches have been reported in remote locations of Southern California since the early 1700s," Short says. "The mission padres wrote about them."

One account appeared in 1876 in a San Diego newspaper. Turner Helm's partner said the two were prospecting in different areas of Warner's Ranch when Helm saw a man covered with thick black hair, like that of a bear, but with a man's face.

"He was a man of about medium size," Helms' partner said, "and had rather fine features -- not at all like those of an Indian but more like an American or Spaniard.

"Mr. Helm spoke to the singular creature, first in English and then Spanish and then in Indian but the man remained silent. Mr. Helm called to me, but the wind was blowing so hard that I could not hear him. The wild man then turned and went over the hill and was soon out of sight."

In 1993, a camper in Barton Flats reported being awakened in the middle of the night by footsteps outside the van he was sleeping in. Suddenly the van began rocking violently. The camper yelled and the rocking stopped. When he shined his flashlight out the van window, he says he saw a figure covered with hair, walking upright like a man as it headed into the forest.

Here is the link to the site if you are interested in reading more about Bigfoot sightings in the IE and the rest of the southland.


Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

I have never seen a Sasquatch in my life, but I have been hunting in the local mountains since I was a kid. On several occasions, particularly around silverwood lake area, I have heard some strange calls and noises from things not normal to the wildlife in these areas. I have seen two UFO's as well. One in south corona, very high in altitude, and one VERY large in southern Texas, fairly low to the ground. I don't do drugs either.

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

I'm new in bigfoot and I been searching in Angeles National Forest and had heard some strange noise that I can't identify either. I been aerial viewing the forest as for which part to go for my next search and I found this area very interesting called Lytle Creek in this part of the forest I have notice lots of fallen pine trees along the creek in the remote area north of Lytle creek, ca. I've google Lytle Creek and have found there had been a lot of bigfoot sightings in that area and is a hotspot there. So I'm planning to hike a few miles deep in to the woods for answers. I never seen a bigfoot but I'm a believer.

Lytle Creek Triple Helix?


There is some information that might be of assistance to you in your quest for the Bigfoot or "Wild Man" near Lytle Creek. Assuming you have reviewed my previous posts here, you will note that I acquired several original documents from the late Bigfoot researcher Stan Johnson. Among these documents is a very curious map of the area around Mt. Baldy that has an abundance of tantalizing notes made by Mr. Johnson. While I am not personally familiar with the region covered by this map, Lytle Creek is clearly noted. More specifically, there is a crude diagram/doodle in pencil of something that looks like a "triple helix" that originates with the Mt. Baldy Bigfoot vortex and terminates at the Lytle Creek location. This is the only triple helix drawing on the map and the absence of any vortex notes near Lytle Creek location seems to be a bit unusual - it seems that something vortex related should be there? Additionally, Stan has carefully printed in green pencil the words "Timmy and His Dam" with an arrow pointing to Lytle Creek. Near to this, there is a scribble that seems to say "Lie Tell Yee". I have no idea what this may refer to and I may be reading it wrong as the scribble is hard to make out.

Perhaps this information means something to you and will help in you search of Lytle Creek. Please let us all know what you find, especially anything related to a vortex. Good luck in your endeavors.


M. Minaden

Re: Lytle Creek Triple Helix?

Lie tell yee....think about that for a minute get it!!! It is another way of saying Ly tl lee creek....yeah. I'm a believer too, but that is what it means!!

Re: Lytle Creek Triple Helix?

Thanks for your insight! I get it now and understand much better after your explanation! I am not familiar with the region and thought the pronunciation was "Little" creek. So it is clear now that whoever wrote the note (probably Stan Johnson) was just trying to indicate "Lytle" Creek! I noticed that Stan often used other odd ways to spell things in his notes, so this makes sense to me and I am certain your are correct.


M. Minaden

Re: Lytle Creek Triple Helix?

I've been there before as I lived on the LA area, grew up actually, and I always had an un easy experience there.

Re: Lytle Creek Triple Helix?

Hey there Mike,

Sorry for the delay but I been very busy in this city life. It is very interesting all this mystery that Mr. Johnson left. Send me your e-mail to inform you on my latest hiking experience.

Thank you

Re: Lytle Creek Triple Helix?

Hello to Hiker, and Hello Once Again to Mr. Minaden,

I just checked back on the page to confirm several points, and saw your post Hiker. I would really appreciate it if Mr. Minaden - and Hiker - could keep all the information possible on this open forum so that the rest of the legitimate researcher community can follow along.

Mr. Minaden, the information you have shared in our earlier exchanges has proven to be critical in my research. I can share with you all that many details have checked out with some additional information that has been made available to me by a source whose credentials seem to be absolutely valid. I should complete some final cross checks and verification, but there is a real story here: this bigfoot creature is most definitely associated with the area, and there are connection between this species, other species and our own government. The area you recently touched on, Lytle Creek (or as your friend Stan called it Lie Tell) has come up in my research, with connections to DON (from your earlier posts) and several other notes from these maps.

Mr. Minaden, can you examine the maps for any further notes that refer to your earlier comments on: Ten High, Nupreen A, or the transmuter? Also, are there any formal stamps on these maps, perhaps on the corners or the back, that might look like a military designation of Secret or Top Secret? One last item - is there any reference to a musical device, like a trumpet, and a stone wall or perhaps the wall of a structure, or the words Bum's I?

It must seem a bit odd, but these could very important.

Thanks again, to you and Hiker.

Chuck Hamilton

Bigfoot Vortex Map

Hello Everyone,

For Chuck Hamilton - I looked closely at the Stan Johnson vortex map for any of the notes/markings you asked about. I could not find any "Top Secret" stamps of markings, but there is something that you might find interesting. Printed at the bottom is the following in small type:

U.S. Government Printing Office 17-66480-1x (unlisted)
May not be reproduced in whole or in part, by other than United States Agencies, except by permission of the Director of Intelligence, ACIC.

The line following "classification" is blank. I have no idea what this means, it kind of looks like a government thing? Also, probably nothing, but there is a handwritten note on the back side in the corner that says:

"Ike with Jackie C. at Indio Ranch - Visitors using Vortex???? Febuary 20"

I have no clue what this means, very cryptic. It is the hand writing of Stan Johnson and the word February is misspelled.

I will have to check further for the other things you mentioned, but don't see anything at this time.

For Hiker - Thanks for responding. Please share your recent Lytle Creek visit with everyone here on this forum so that we can all benefit from you knowledge. We all greatly appreciate your joining our effort here and look forward to your information.


M. Minaden

Re: Bigfoot Vortex Map

Hello again,

Thanks for the information Mr. Minaden. Based on the things that you have been able to share over the years, I have been able to verify some facts in my files, and pursue several new ones. I am going to begin a summary of what I really think is going on with the Bigfoot creature in the local area. As I mentioned several years back in a post, I had a run-in with one after work and I have been into the research since. No, I am not going to give all of my sources and citations here; an elderly man who served in the military during the 70s is my partner, and we are going to publish our research once we are finished. But here is a general synopsis of what I am pretty darn certain are the facts of the matter:

Southern California Bigfoot Part I

The Korean Conflict was of tremendous concern to our military in 1951. Based on high level staff discussions, the Eisenhower administration decided to pursue a startling new technology that would allow near-instantaneous movement of troops and material across the globe. This program was taken directly from the Philadelphia Project of the 1943-1944 war years that so much has been written about. The effort was given the highest priority and a very strict security rating and was called Operation Ten High.

Operation Ten High made extremely fast progress initially, mostly due to the earlier work of the Philadelphia Project. But rather than create a dimensional “blind” through electromagnetic dynamics, a type of high energy mechanics was used to actually replicate geo-spatial locations. This work was done by two brilliant engineers, a Reechard Carnello and a Veem Schmeel. My source was unable to provide much of the science or physics at hand, but the process was dependent on a series of extremely high voltage coils to establish a “location field”, or what became to be known as the NuPreen Field. This field would carry the geospatial “location” of any distant spot, match it with a spot at the test center. Once the NuPreen Field signatures of these two locations were perfectly matched, any item placed into the local field would transmute to the remote location in a matter of seconds. The test center was built in the desert region around Palm Springs, California. The facility had no military designation at all – but was operated under the guise of a local or regional medical facility.

Once actual testing began, a senior military officer was placed in charge of the experimental phase of Ten High. This was to maintain tight security and it was felt necessary because no one new if it would work and the need to make rapid assessments based on experience. The key operational member was assigned as General, NuPreen Operations or GNO. Testing was successful on small scale exercises between the test center and several nearby airfields, but the accuracy of the field location match would sometime drift by several miles.

Sometime in early 1954 there was a test which did not go as planned. In this case, the location match was supposed to be with a military airfield in the desert, north of San Bernardino, known as “The Old Barstow Site”. But as GNO entered the NuPreen field, the signatures became very different. The engineer’s formal report said it was as if “somebody had hijacked our field signal, or blended theirs with ours”. As the field collapsed, GNO was absent from the test center – but not present at the military airfield! He did, however, return some 12 hours later. In his debrief GNO reported that he had “come out in a clearing of a hilly area. Some woods and scrub. It was a like a bramble with some large smooth rocks”. There was a structure or edifice that looked like marble. On this edifice was a rotating device of three curving or twisting strands that were interlaced. There did not seem to be a support for the device or any motor to cause its motion. GNO touched the device and regained consciousness some time later. He was prone, being cradled by a very large primate. The primate was offering him fruit, similar to a honey-dew melon, and a juice that may have been guave or mango. GNO felt no sense of fear and the creature spoke to him in a heavily syllabic English although the words seemed to be “in his head” but not spoken or auditory. The creature told him to eat the melon and drink the juice as they would help the bending and cramping effects of bad transmuters. The creature told GNO – very forcibly – that he must stop these travels, that their coils were not tuned properly and had allowed the field to drift, and that it had actually coupled with the creature’s field pattern. The creature sternly informed GNO that there were “others” involved and that the human attempt at creating field transmutation had not gone unnoticed, and that there would almost certainly be severe repercussions if it were to continue. The creature stood and begin to stride away when it stopped, and turned, and said or thought transferred quite slowly: You have been warned. Go home to your own and stop. GNO reported the creature at standing more than eight foot in height, that it was clearly a male, and had a very strong appearance of being related to our human species.

Mr. Minaden, can you make a better look through your maps and documents and see if something comes together? The dates and some of the map stamp info is very useful – and supports two other key sources! I will follow with Part II as we finish our study and check a few more things out. I am a little nervous though that this thing is really going to shake some people up.

Re: Bigfoot in the Los Angeles

This comment has been moved here: Bigfoot in Los Angeles

book featuring my true bigfoot story

Communion with Sasquatch is a non-fiction narrative written by author and journalist, J.P. Smith and co-authored by lifelong researcher, Freeman Young .

The book is based on a series of interviews conducted by Smith, with three men from three different states who have had exceptional, lifelong experiences and up-close, personal encounters with the being known as Sasquatch.

You will read in amazement, marvel, and wonder at perhaps the most intriguing and elusive being on the face of the planet, as each of the three interviewees recounts their most incredible, bizarre and sometimes frightening experiences with the legendary Bigfoot creatures, as they’re known throughout North America.

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

Well all, happy to report no one will see any large footprints or tall, hairy creatures walking around in the boonies anymore. I have started shaving my front and back and since I got married my wife has put her foot down about my running around bare footed. so relax and don't worry anymore.
:D lol

Bigfoot Vortex Map

Many years ago I worked closely with Mr. Stan Johnson researching the Bigfoot or "wild man" enigma. Prior to his death, Stan was considered an expert on everything Bigfoot and documented his many encounters with them over a period of many years. Just before he died, Stan mailed me a package of documents. Most were routine research related stuff, important to dedicated researchers, but of little interest to the general public. Included among these documents however was one very important item - a map. This map shows in great detail the location of all known Vortices in North America, including California. Almost every Vortex location has some strange notes written next to it - things like "Honey Dew Melons Galore" or "don't have authority for a Camree". A few of the Vortex were circled in red, such as Stoddard Wells, Anza Borrego, and one at the foot of Mount Baldy that was circled many times over with the words PINE-A-WAY, JUST A POEM, SQDRN 24 written next to it.

What does this mean? Are these vortexes some kind of doorway into another dimension? Do the Bigfoot people use these vortexes to move around where we can't see them?

Re: Bigfoot Vortex Map


I was checking back and saw your post - thanks. As I have gotton older, I have become more and more interested in the thing I described and would really like to learn more about it without being labeled a crack pot or a psycho if you know what I mean. A few of the things you typed in your comments caught my eye - and my memory. Back then, I did some charter flying and volunteer piloting with the Civil Air Patrol which had a unit at Cable Air Field. One Saturday a guy met me in the coffee shop and wanted to talk about going up over the foothills of Mount Baldy which is just north of Cable as the other poster mentioned. This guy was tall and maybe in his early 50s then, and only used his first name - Stan. He had a sort of country accent - maybe Kentucky or something like that. Funny how he said the word "camera" - with only two syllables, like the toyota car, a Camry. We went over to the CAP unit - which was Squadron 25 (could your map have said SQDRN 25?) since that is a military short form for Squadron? Anyhow, I arranged to flight him the following Saturday which we did in the early morning, around 0800. He had a map with him, a set of high end binoculars and a camera. This guy was an odd bird because he would ramble on a bit but always in these little phrases and statements, not a real conversation.

I asked him what he was looking for, like land or acerage flats (it was nearly all empty back then) and he sort of laughed and said when we see it we'll know we found them (them, not it). At the time I thought he was sighting a camp site or someone's lot with people on it. He kept marking up a USGS Quadrangle elevation chart (not a map really, but the actual geological survey relief chart - sort of hard to come by back then) and had me turn some donuts around an area north of what we called the Bumpy Road back then (I think it was an extension of 16th street), to the west of San Antonio. The only thing around there was an old homesite built of boulders or rocks.

As we landed, he thanked me for him "and Bunny" whatever that meant. Before leaving he told me - almost like a warning - not to go out in that area with anything metal and not a gun because "they won't like it much and might not have time to pop back over" or something, which again I assumed was related to someone out there with their own guns or whatever.

Does this sound like the guy Stan you mentioned? Did he really research this sort of Big Foot thing in this area, and what else do you know?

Re: Bigfoot Vortex Map

C. Hamilton,

Very interesting information you have there. Indeed, the person you described could be Stan Johnson. After reading your post, I now recall that Stan did mention conducting airplane surveys as part of his research on Bigfoot. For reasons unknown to me Stan was very reluctant to talk about his work on the Upland Mount Baldy vortex. It is clear from the volume of notes he made that this area was important to him. Most of the notes don't make sense to me and some have strange phrases, including some about "Bunny" and "Flying Lawn Mowers - Crop Circles?" and "Fritz from Phoenix" and also something about a "stinky Couch"?. However, there is one clear passage in the notes about some people called Nina and Charles A. from Upland that encountered a Bigfoot on a trail in the mountains (perhaps Mount Baldy?). It seems that these people ran into a seriously injured hiker that was being given first aid by a Bigfoot like creature. When they slowly approached, the Bigfoot looked up and spoke to them (in English? or ESP?) and said "OK, He is going to make it, you can take over now". The Bigfoot then got up, waved, quickly strode off into the woods. I find this part of the notes really intriguing because it is the only documented reference I can find of actual communication between humans and the Bigfoot people. This Upland/Mount Baldy Vortex could be a key to the Bigfoot story, if only a more precise location could be determined!

Re: Bigfoot Vortex Map

Hello, I'm interested in knowing more information about the Upland/Mt. Baldy vortex. I live in Baldy and would like to locate the vortex. Any information would be helpful.


Re: Bigfoot Vortex Map


I noticed your query as I was checking back on this site. You can see several of the exchanges I had earlier with a gent, Mike Minaden. I was intrigued with the information he provided, and wish he would add some more details of his work with this Mr. Stan Johnson. As I had my own experience with a creature, I am extremely interested in learning more about this - and this vortex too. I have talked with a few others, and they claim that a vortex - and something called a "transmuter" - were located behind or around Don's Hobby Hut (probably gone now). My source said the vortex was neutralized using a Nuprina Field (?), and the transmuter taken away to Wright Patterson Air Field. Also, a possible vortex that was located way the heck up off of San Antonio where the old road turned up into the mountains - there was supposed to have been some sort of military activity there in 1977 or so, with a scientist named Carnello (supposed to have been working on space ships or the like) and a military guy named Randy Justiss. My contact did not have a lot of info, but the thing may have been something called Operation Ten High.

Mr. Minaden, if you monitor this site at all, would you mind sharing any information??

Bigfoot at Mt. Baldy


I have once again gone through the documents that Stan Johnson left with me just prior to his death and there are many cryptic notes and sketches on the vortex map, but it is all very confusing. I am not familiar with the Upland/Mt. Baldy area, but I suspect that many of these notes reference particular places in the area. Unfortunately the exact location of the Mt. Baldy vortex is not indicated in the documents. The scale of the vortex map is not very detailed so only a general area is circled in red rather than a specific location.

Once I exhausted all possible interpretations of this information from Stan Johnson, I had basically given up and placed the entire matter in abeyance - until now when I saw the recent post from C. Hamilton. Some of the things mentioned are very intriguing and maybe, just maybe, shine new light on the Stan Johnson map and papers. I don't want my enthusiasm to get the better of me and cloud my judgement so I will make every effort to remain neutral and communicate my ideas in a sober and impartial manner. My sole intention is to foster serious Bigfoot research.

Having said that, what is clear from the map is that Mt. Baldy is of particular importance as it is circled many times in red. None of the other vortex locations on the map are given as much attention by Stan as the Mt. Baldy location. I sense this vortex is the key to the entire Bigfoot enigma.

Here are some things that don't make much sense to me, but may have some meaning to some of you reading this:

On the margins of the map there are some small doodles in pencil - one is of an old biplane shooting bullets at the words (in large capitals) "IRS - Don't Antagonize". Another drawing is of a circus elephant with jagged drawn arrows coming from the trunk, one points to the Mt. Baldy vortex and the other points to the general Pomona area on the map with a small red circle around the words "Pine-A-Way Vortex". Just below this are some very small and poorly written words that I think are : "10-Hi", "Sea Shells for Transmission(sp?)", and finally "Don has blocker button"

It is probably too much of a stretch, but I wonder if the note "10-Hi" could refer to Operation TEN HIGH mentioned by C. Hamilton??? Although the handwriting is very poor, I think one of the notes says "Sea Shells for Transmission", but could it be TRANSMUTER as mentioned by C. Hamilton??? I just can't tell, the hand writing is very poor. I can't find anything about a Randy Justiss or a Nuprina field, but there is a note: "Talk to CO Mark Justice re: New Preen A".

On the margins of the map there is also a note in green pencil that I think says:

"Dons - Central & Foothill - back door for Bigfoot" Also,

"How about those Dodgers - Reechard C. = Le Rocket Car Jobber, Paula is crying".

Do,these cryptic notes mean anything to anyone out there? Please let us know, we are all looking for answers to the Bigfoot mystery.

Thank you,

Mike Minaden

Re: Bigfoot Vortex Map

Bigfoot talked in English? ok. Let's say that these creatures are real and have been staying out of the way of humans all these centuries, think maybe they do this because they don't want anything to do with us? Why don't bigfoot hunters leave them alone!? You know if someone ever did find one (if they existed) you know some idiot will want to shoot and kill one for evidence. So again if they really exist and have survived all this time just LEAVE them the hell alone.

Re: Bigfoot Vortex Map


Thanks for the additional info. This Stan Johnson guy sounds like he had access to some other source of information or something. A lot of what you have reported does not seem to make sense at first, but I know there have been lots of stories about the region along the base of Mt. Baldy since I was a kid. We used to go up to Icehouse Canyon and there was always a legend about a creature up there. An old friend of mine, Patty Smith, says she saw this big hairy monster up close one night along the road going to a party in one of the side canyons. She screamed, but that monster just kept coming, and she was lucky to get out of there. It was not too long afterwards that she left town or disappeared or something - I never heard from her again.

Did Stan ever mention or write down the name Gino Dixon? I believe he was a local researcher in the 70s. A local guy named Jeff found his white Datsun truck abandoned by the side off the road up past the dam, but no sign of his wife Sherry or Gino who had been going up to look for the monster. The brake lines on the truck were damaged bad like something hit the front of the truck, or possibly cut them - but no signs of either of them. All he found were some books in the bed of the truck, some cans of Mango juice and an old KFC bucket. Did Stan ever write about this event, or talk to you about it? The Civil Air Patrol did a few SAR flights so I know about the incident, but never heard anything more about it. It was very odd.

Re: Gino Dixon

I knew a guy named Gino Dixon when I was growning up. When I was a teenager he lived on our street in Upland. He was a college teacher or scientist or something, I don't know for sure because he was always a bit cagey when asked exactly what he did for a living.
Anyway, the thing i remember is that sometime in the late 70's or maybe very early 1980's he and his wife suddenly vanished. I remember after not seeing him for a few weeks the police showed up at his house and had it corrdined-off for a few days. The really weird thing is that on the second-day some sort of government agency arrived and removed all sorts of files, file-boxes, etc. We knew they were government vehicles because they all had those 'government' exempt license plates and some sort of insignia on the doors but nothing indicated what exactly they were. Most of them were in suites but there were a few in camo-type uniforms. The entire neighborhood was abuzz with rumors about Gino selling drugs or murdering his wife but nobody really knew what happened to him or his wife for sure. after a few months his house went up for sale - my parents said it was foreclosed. it all makes sense now but sure was a big mystery back then!

Detail on Gov't Vehicle Plates

I wanted to add some detail to this comment on 'some sort' of government vehicles with those exempt plates...

My government car when I worked for local governemt had those "Exempt" plates. If they said Exempt or had a diamond with an E in it in the old days it was a State of California Vehicle, If it had a rectangle with chopped corners and an E it was a city or county vehicle. The number of Exempt plates got so large they just say exempt across the top and have a long number, no more Es.

These plates are issued to governmental agencies and are found on cop cars, fire trucks and transit district buses too, all exempt means is they are exempt from vehicle licensing fees since they are official vehicles, most meter maids will not touch an unmarked vehicle with exempt plates because you never know who is driving one. If you run a vehicle check on the tag it will come back City or County of... but not be specific on the department in most cases (this varies with the agencies involved).

In rare instances the feds or others might use them as a cover. The best undercover cop car I ever saw was in Oakland, CA a Gremlin with Illonis plates but was an OPD undercover car...

Re: Gino Dixon

To: C. Hamilton & Anonymous,


This new information you have introduced could be very important. There are several references in the documents of Stan Johnson that mention a researcher or investigator connected to the Upland / Mount Baldy area vortex by the name of ALDER DIXON - could this be the person or relative of the person you described as GINO DIXON??? If so, then several pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together. Some of the references indicate that Alder Dixon was something of maverick researcher - very radical techniques and theories. His approach was apparently very unorthodox and brought him under the scrutiny of more than one government agency. What could be the vortex connection? The notes are mute on this point as far as I can tell.

Awaiting your response.

Mike M.

Re: Bigfoot Vortex Map

I lived at the base of Mt Baldy (right at the dam) for several years up until just a few years ago.. I don't recall ever seeing any doorways to other dimensions. It's a big jump to go from words and red circles on a map to doorways to other dimensions.

Re: Bigfoot in Upland California


I found this site, and wanted to share an incident that happened to me back in 1974. I was leaaving Cable Air Field late on a Monday night when my Ranch Wagon crapped out down around Foothill, in Upland. I was supposed to be joining a group from my Law Office over at the Sage Hen, so I started hoofing it. I stopped in at the Upper Crust to use the telephone and left a message for my friends. I had a couple of drinks quickly, then left to walk on down and meet them. Leaving the Upper Crust and walking west on the north side of Foothill, I walked up into the scrub to take a leak - and that is when I saw him. He had to be about 9 feet tall with three feet across the shoulders - and it was definitely a male. I startled him from what appeared to be the construction of a crude lean too, or plyboard shack or something. When he saw me, he let go with a horrible scream and was enraged. I froze at first, then turned tail and started trying to get back down to Foothill. The creature through a huge stone - big as a bowling ball - and started running after me. I made it out to Foothill about 15 yards ahead of him, and tore back towards the Upper Crust - never once looking back. I was so damn scared I tripped over a curb stone in the parking lot of the Crust and hit my head pretty bad. I was out for awhile - and lucky that thing did not keep after me - until old man Miller left for the night and found my conked out. I talked with a fella from the Daily Report the next day down at Alphie's coffee shop, but he never did nothing with the information. Anyone else hear of a run in around that part of town?

Re: Bigfoot in Upland California

Is Cable Air Field near Mount Baldy? There could be a connection to your encounter with the Bigfoot and the map I got from Stan Johnson.

Re: Bigfoot in Upland California

Cable airport is right below Mt Baldy, maybe slightyyy west.

Bigfoot in Fontana

Geeze, I hate to burst bubbles but I was part of the group of roudy teenagers from FOHI that used to dress up like an ape and hide in the eucalyptus groves on East Ave and Foothill Blvd in the early to mid 60's. This was right next to Fontana Drag Raceway and was a popular place for young couples to park, kind of a red-neck lovers lane. We had a lot of fun scaring the crap out of people. People are so gullible!!!

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

I have a soloution much easier to swallow.
Gigantopithecus is an extinct genus of ape that existed from roughly one million years to as recently as three-hundred thousand years ago,[1] in what is now China, India, and Vietnam, placing Gigantopithecus in the same time frame and geographical location as several hominin species.[2] The fossil record suggests that the Gigantopithecus blacki species were the largest apes that ever lived, standing up to 3 metres (9.8 ft) and weighing up to 540 kilograms (1,200 lb).[1][3][4]

The genus has entered the popular culture lexicon as a result of cryptozoologic claims.
Based on the fossil evidence, it is believed that adult male Gigantopithecus blacki stood about 3 m (9.8 ft) tall and weighed as much as 540 kg (1,200 lb),[1][3][4] making the species two to three times heavier than modern gorillas and nearly five times heavier than the orangutan, its closest living relative.

Much more info! LOOK IT UP! Wondering how it got to North America Look up Ice Bridge across the Bering straight...
Yeeeeesh! Humans and Orangutangs...get a life.

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

Some of the first Europeans that saw the Africans said that some of the African women had genitals that resembled that of a gorilla. If you look at the nose of an African you will notice that it is wide like the gorilla's nose. Those men used ropes to tie the gorillas and orangutans up. That's how they were able to have sex with them. Bigfoot and the Orangutan creatures came from men that had sex with female gorillas and orangutans. Some of these creatures have been described as having long stringy hair. Those are the ones that came from the orangutan. I am not a racist, I am an observer. And don't tell me that it is impossible for a human to create through a female gorilla or orangutan. You people need to educate yourselfs.

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

please send me some of wut ur smoking. ktxbai

Re: Bigfoot in Fontana

"WE" need to educate ourselves???!!! UHHHH! Yeah

Re: Bigfoot in Modjeska canyon

I saw one in modjeska canyon in 1985. It was a very windy day, I came around a corner and it was getting a drink. 20 yards away, when it saw me, it went up a hill taking 20 foot leaps on all fours,( the hill was steep) all black, thick forearms, hair about 2 to 4 inches long all over. Also seen perfect footprints a few times before, thinking it was from a huge dude. For years I would go on a certain trail and 2 differnet dogs would shy away from the same spot going up the side of the cliff, even when I would tell them to go there, not normal for them. Saw brown one from far away, hot summer day and I thought who the hell would be on top of that hill wearing a fur coat. crazy stuff. I know they are still there.

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

I too mv have a scientific interest in pursuing the existance of Big Foot. Good question how do we contact you?

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

Thanks to all. I haven't laughed this hard in a while.

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

Hi mv, I'm serious about the the bigfoot phenomenom and would like more information. How can I contact you directly?

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

I believe that Bigfoot is real because I know what Bigfoot is. The film that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made in 1967 in Northern California at Bluff Creek of Bigfoot was real. Here is what they filmed on October/20/1967. Several thousand years ago there were thousands of slaves that ran off around the world and started their own countries. When these slaves ran off there was a large group of men and boys of all different ages and sizes that took off and ended up in Africa. Some of them were giants as tall as 9 ft. or even taller. The giant named Goliath that David killed with his slingshot was 9 ft. tall. So there were giant men in those days. Some of these men and boys went exploring to Borneo and caught female Orangutans and took them to South America and had sex with them and created the Indians. The men and boys that stayed in Africa caught female Gorillas and had sex with them and created the Africans. When scientists found the bones in Africa they thought we evolved from a female Chimpanzee. But it wasn't a natural evolution it was a man made evolution. That's where all the Bigfoot and Orangutan creatures come from. They are half man and half Gorilla and half man and half Orangutan. They use to call the Indians the red man. The Orangutan has reddish hair. When those men bred out the hair the Indian's skin remained red. The Gorilla has black hair and skin. When those men bred out the hair the African's skin remained black. Some of the Indians and Africans are tall. And some of the Bigfoot and Orangutan creatures are tall. They are tall because some of the men that created them were tall. Some scientists believe that we evolved from a female Chimpanzee. Have you ever seen an 8 ft. tall Chimpanzee? I haven't either. Bigfoot migrated up through Africa and came into the United States at the top of Africa when the land was connected. The Orangutan creatures migrated up through Central America and came into the United States like the Indians did. The creature that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed in 1967 was half man and half Gorilla. It was a female Bigfoot that they named Patty. Patty was not a man in a costume, she is not our missing link and she is not a figment of our imagination. Patty was a creature that was created by men that had sex with female Gorillas and Orangutans a long time ago. Believe it or not, man created his own evolution.

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

OMG !!! LOL>>LOL someone needs to take an anthropolgy course or something !!! if not please at least pull your head out of your ass and breathe real air, it may help you see the worl as it actually is!!.

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

geez, that's your take on evolution? you are a fuckin' idiot

Re: Bigfoot in Fontana

sheesh,..we cant produce offspring with apes knucklehead, yeah, dont get any funny ideas.

Re: Bigfoot in Fontana

If you people believe that humans and primates can not reproduce, then I suggest that you watch these videos.

Re: Bigfoot in Fontana

LOL..Both video's show very bad makeup effects and these were not made by national geographic. can you say very bad home editing!!! You are a joke if you think these poorly made videos with the worst makeup effects i have ever seen proves anything. Get a life and wake up. You seriuosly are the one that needs to get educated !!!

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

This is the type of insulting non-sense that brings a bad conutation to the serious researchers of BFRO and others. To be nut case is one thing but don't go around sprewing this to others under the umbrella that you know what your talking about.

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

This is the most absurd and rediculous,stupidest thing I have ever read! Next this guy is going to be passing out white sheets and burning crosses! Give me a freakin' break!

Monkeys or gorillas having sex with humans

You are a WACKO!!! And this is coming from someone that not only believes in Bigfoot, but I also believe in ghosts, ufo's, and that Christians Will ultimately be the downfall to human civilization as we know it!!
Read a book...Educate yourself!!

Re: Bigfoot in California

The story you relate here is pretty far-fetched if not impossible. I have never heard or read about someone having intercourse with an ape. The chimp/ape/orangutan would rip your wanker off and have if for breakfast...that is after it's done laughing at it's size.

Re: Bigfoot in California

Haven't you ever heard of ropes dumbass?

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

are you fucking kidding me????? thats your story??? your fucking ape would rip apart a man if he tried to fuck it you dumb ass..

Re: Bigfoot in the Inland Empire and Fontana

I would say YOU are the retarded one because you cannot express yourself without using the "F" word. No matter what that other person believes, you are the moron. Try real hard to use a sentence without profanity.

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